Paraguay once more

09 of march up to august 2016
Asuncion, Eusebio Ayala

The end….or the beginning…or a little of both 🙂

Several months passed by, a lot of things happenend and we are still in Paraguay…

We arrived in march just in time for the wedding of Brigitte and Lucio, friends we made when being in Paraguay for the first time back in 2014. Patricio, Brigittes’ youngest son and Brigitte “2”, her best friend are here for the wedding as well and together we help with the preparations and enjoy being back on the Campo where we passed good times two years before.
The ceremony takes place on the Campo, the vows are made in the shade of a huge Mango-tree
the sun shines and the atmosphere is peaceful. Bride and groom are a nice-looking, relaxed couple and all in all it`s a happy day 🙂

During the following weeks we help out on the Campo, mainly with the construction of the house which is build in an old traditional style: a socket of bricks, wood and clay for the walls and a grass-roof on top. The best combination to get a bearable climate without the need of air-conditioning against the heat of the sub-tropical summers in Paraguay.
But now winter comes and that means (more or less) moderate temperatures; more suitable for manual labour, although we work up a sweat nonetheless more than once ;)…

…during all the hours of working and learning various new methods of traditional manual labour in Paraguay. First on the basic wood structure of the house and the masonery…

…and then on the plaster work and coverage with clay…

…until finally it`s done and the house looks like a real house 🙂

Besides we learn to drive a Motocarrito, but not without some unplanned excursions 😉

All the time we are thinking about continuing our trip but somehow we could never get to the point of really leaving. And during many hours of talk and contemplation with our friends, accompanied by many liters of “Terere” (the national cold beverage of Paraguay) another idea is born and plants itself like a small seed into our thoughts: Why not settle down in Paraguay?

First it’s only a vague possibility among many others but with the time it grows and becomes more and more vivid.
It’s fed by our daily life and the example of Brigitte and Lucio on their Campo. The “Cordillera”, the part of Paraguay where we are is beautiful: mountainous with a rich green vegetation, fed by plenty of natural springs and the warm climate; all kinds of fruit and vegetables like Mango, Citrics, Avocado, Ananas, Watermelons and many more grow in masses, flowers are all around and the people are of a friendly and relaxed manner.

Therefore the life on our own piece of land, the construction of a small house, working the earth and maybe tending some animals is not hard to imagine. And although this would mean a good deal of work, it would be work for ourselves and we would be free to do it in our own pace and time.

But we are not blue-eyed enough to forget, that this idyllic picture is only one side. The other is, that – unfortunately – one can’t live only from some self-grown vegetables, eggs and goat-milk and therefor we have to somehow generate an income because our savings won’t last forever…

And then Bram comes up with the missing link: If we can find the right piece of land, it should be possible to build an MTB-track. Bram, for many years an excited Mountainbiker himself, has enough experience to create something challenging which attracts newcomer as well as experienced rider.
Cycling, in all variations from racing to MTB to BMX is a fast growing sport in Paraguay, so why not try to find our niche here? In combination with a small but comfortable camping it`s a concept which sounds promising and so we finally make up our mind to give it a try!