Iguazu – Iguacu

From 23 march upto 24 march 2014:

Finally: Las Cataratas de Iguazu!!!
Long time awaited, but worth the wait – what a sight for sore eyes 🙂
But first we have to look for a place to stay and for the first time we get a useful tip at the tourist information: a nice, familiar and affordable hospedaje in the center of Puerto Iguazu, the city next to the argentinan side of the falls.
RIMG0704 RIMG0703
We will stay here for three nights and visit the argentinian and brasilian side of the falls on daytrips by bus.
The area is the meeting point of three countries: Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay and the borders are marked by the rivers Rio Parana and Rio Iguacu. Each country has a special point where it´s possible to see all three countries at one glance, but without question, the most important thing around are the falls and once we have visited them, we know why.
On the first day we visit the argentinian side. We get up at seven in the morning and take the first bus, as we hope to arrive before the big mass of tourists, and it works out. We get our tickets and for three hours we are nearly the only ones and can enjoy the beauty and silence of the nature around us.
The park has two main parts: The lower trail, where one walks at the base of the falls and the upper trail, where one walks at the edges of them and can watch the water fall down. Both are very impressive and words are not really sufficient to describe it, therefore we´ll try to let pictures speak and at the same time you have to imagine the sound of millions of tons of water which are falling down, the feeling of million sprinkles of water in the air and on your skin and the warmth of the sun falling through the leafes 🙂
RIMG0403 RIMG0416 RIMG0426 RIMG0434 RIMG0447 RIMG0440 RIMG0467 RIMG0468 RIMG0471 RIMG0473 RIMG0476 RIMG0480 RIMG0486 RIMG0502 RIMG0506 RIMG0517 RIMG0525 RIMG0537 RIMG0539 RIMG0551 RIMG0561

The brasilian side the next day shows a completely different picture. It´s one long trail opposite to the argentinian side and we have a panoramic view of the trail we did the day before. But once again, we are impressed 🙂
RIMG0569 RIMG0596 RIMG0572 RIMG0597 RIMG0612 RIMG0615 RIMG0620 RIMG0623 RIMG0625 RIMG0627RIMG0646 RIMG0648 RIMG0657 RIMG0667 RIMG0665 RIMG0664 RIMG0673 RIMG0677 RIMG0682 RIMG0689

But waterfalls is not everything in the park, there are also lots of Coatis and they are not really afraid of humans. On the contrary, as we unpack our picnic and try to have lunch they came so fast and swift and brave and they stole our food, great teamwork by them 😉


3 thoughts on “Iguazu – Iguacu

  1. Love the pictures, the waterfalls seem to be divine. Wondering though that the water is reddish… are you allowed to swim there? Hope I am going to see them with my own eyes one day!

  2. WAUUUW als dat niet prachtig is ! Ik zie en lees dat jullie genieten, groot gelijk hoor tof dat je ons ook wat laat mee genieten, ik zou het ook zien zitten om daar rond te trekken maar dan wel te voet he! vele groeten vanuit Hillegem Karien en co

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